Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Illustration 1: "Afleiding" (Distraction)

Pencil and Photoshop.
300 dpi. 50 cm x 70 cm.
This is one of the serie of six illustrations for a book. It's about addiction and it helps people who want to stop with drugs, game-addiction, alcohol, gambling etc. The first illustration is about distraction, but in a positive way! I used different hobbies to show what you can do to give your life a twist.


  1. Great blog! I love your colour work!

  2. Really loving the style of your figures - very unique and expressive.

  3. Hello Marjolein!

    Very Very good, congratulations

    an excellent job.

  4. Marjolein hello!
    was viewing his personal website,
    congratulations on your work =]
    and the website.