Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cupcakes. So sweet it hurts!

Logo designs for cupcake company
Made in Illustrator. Really loved it. Which one do you prefer?

Very cute websites about cupcakes, if you want to see more:
Pie left under:
Rose and cookies right under:

I've got some lipgloss from my friend. The one under, on the right. Buy here:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Pencil and Photoshop.11,5 cm by 18 cm.
Translation dutch: Stefan & Rosa are getting married.
I made this for a friend who is getting married. She wanted a heart with a couple on the front.
It's really "sweet" and normally i would bring some edgyness to it, but for a weddingcard, that's hard.
Sketch with blue and graphite pencil on paper. 21 cm x 29,7 cm.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


My little HD movie is finished, made by Roland Pupupin!
Select the highest quality on the bottem of the page.
I painted a bracelet for a client in France.
The bracelet is painted with acrylic on wood.

More videos of Roland Pupupin on

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011, yes!

Painted bracelet. Acrylic on wood, finished with a varnish.  For a 13 years old girl in France. I will update a little movie about the bracelet soon.

 A little swan stamp i made out of a gum.
2011 makes me think about my illustration business. I made some goals for myself because i feel like i could finish more paintings and drawings than last year. I listened to a lot of podcasts about marketing, which was very helpful: and i love to listen to other illustrators:
Byebye dummy! My Moleskine sketchbook is on her way to the U.S.A. I send it by UPS...
I have to edit my text here. Don't send anything with UPS. They have a really bad service! It was there one week later. I called like a million times with the client-service... They don't give you back your money and they also won't call you back, even when they say they will. UPS is a bad company. Now you know!

Together with Roland Pupupin i made a little movie about the sketchbook. I will update it later.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Final pages for the Sketchbook Project!

Finally, the pages for The Sketchbook Project  are finished! (read more about the project here)
The book has to be postmarked by January 15th, so I have 9 days to send it to the US!
The postoffice said that if the book weight less than 500 gram it can be send by airplane, which will take a week.  If it weight more than 500grams it has to go by boat, because there are new safety rules, which will take a month and it will cost €85,-.

I'm happy to say that my book is 450 gram, so i can send it tomorrow,  after I made a little movie and some photo's with a better camera.
Spread 22. This was a sketch for a christmas card, but i was too busy with other projects to work it out...Too bad because i liked the sketch. Maybe next year!
 Spread 23: Beds. Poscamarker, white fineliner, black ballpoint and acrylic on paper. I still love my white fineliner. You can use it on different backgrounds.
 Spread 24: Dress up. Black ballpoint, acrylic and collage on paper.  The cute package-paper is from Hongkong. I put my website on the little label.
Spread 25: Ring. Colored pencil, wallpaper, ballpoint on paper. I never color a face with green/blue, so it was nice to play around with it. The cat-etui you see on the left i gave to my friend last year.
 Spread 27: Black & White. Ballpoint and collage on paper. I tried something new, cutting clothes from magazines and created my own girls around it. I like it!
 Spread 28: Red girls. Refreshing try-out. With white fineliner, black ballpoint and pencil on colored paper.
 Spread 29: Shopping. Black pencil on colored paper. I like Numph and my favorite shop where i buy it : the Revenge.
 Spread 30. Bubbles. Print and acrylic on colored damaged paper.
 Spread 31: Timesystem. Acrylic, pencil, ballpoint, photo and plants on paper.
 Spread 32: Gloves. Black ballpoint and white fineliner on colored paper. The gloves are photo's.
Spread 33. Transparent paper, acrylic, marker, ballpoint on paper.
The balloons are a bit weird, I know. 

 Spread 35: Wallpaper, ballpoint, acrylic and collage on paper. You see the Pig image on the right? Pip is a dutch studio and makes loverly things. It's a dutch site but you can look.
 Spread 35: Swans dress. I made a little stamp with an eraser. So cute, i want to make more.
 Spread 37: Fashion Zen. I used an photo from Iris of She has some very nice photo's and lovely style. I put a print in the Sketchbook, because i want to make a painting later and needed the original.
 Spread 38. Print on paper. I made this dessin for Oilily but another dessin was chosen. I reflect the elements in Photoshop and it's an easy way to make an illustration.
Spread 39: Stylescrapbook. Acrylic, fabric, ballpoint on old paper with oldfashion dutch.
I used an image from this fashion girl: She is a famous dutch blogger and i used a couple of dutch brands, companies and girls in my book