Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feature in Publish Magazine April Issue

Marjolein Caljouw | Feature Publish Magazine April 2011 from PUPUPINVIDEO | DSLR-Filmmaker on Vimeo.
I was featured in the April issue of Publish magazine. Because it's a magazine for digital creatives this is an honour for me! A short film about my feature: made my Roland Pupupin.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birdcages and illustration in process.

Birdcages. Work in progress. I painted everything in acrylics first and here you can see I added layers in oilpaint. With oils I can make details easier, because the paint stays wet for a day (if you paint thin).

Birds reference and oilpaint. Winton & Newton and Old Hollands. In the back: Liquin and a paint medium. The oilpaints dries much quicker with these mediums.
Birdcages in progress. Because I painted the little birds and the trees and the birdcages first with acrylics, it's hard for me to fix the background with oilpaint. Next time I'm going to paint from the back to the front...
"Hein the skelleton" on the left. Although I changed a lot of the proportions of the skelletontwins I just use my skelleton puppet to look at all the bones.
Birdcages in process. I used to work on my projects and paint when I had time left...
But that didn't work because other things always come in between. Now I'm working on my painting in the morning for a couple of hours, before I do anything else. And this helped me a lot. 

 Albino owl twins. It's not finished yet, but I want to share it. Ballpoint with a little graphite on paper.
A friend of a friend has this cute toilet towel holder. I don't know what kind of brand it is, but I would love to have this.
Schedule for my paintings this year, 2011. Because I'm painting everyday now I wondered how many paintings I could make in a year...? It depends on the size of course and the difficulty of the painting. If I keep working 3 hours a day on a painting, I've painted 42 hours in 2 weeks. I think I'm able to finish a painting whitin those hours, but maybe this is a high expectation. We'll see. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Chic Muse sketch, D.I.Y. earrings and some art-shopping

 Sketch of The Chic Muse. Graphite, color pencil, ballpoint on Moleskinepaper.  http://thechicmuse.blogspot.com/ I saw her at the Mangosite and loved a photo on her blog that I used as a reference.
Photo made in train. Work in progress. I just bought new set of mechanical Pilot color pencils. These are 0,7 so they won't break easily as the 0.5. I also noticed that you can erase them easier. But Steadler has more pigmentation. 
Close-up The Chiq Muse sketch in train. Graphite, color pencil and marker on paper. On the right mechanical colorpencils from Pilot. Kneaded eraser on the top.
One of my favorite big artsupplies stores in Rotterdam: "Harolds" For the oilpaint I paint with Old Hollands now. They have different series, like A, B, C, D. And D is more expensive than A. But I have to say the quality is the same to me. I don't noticed a difference.

D.I.Y. jewelry. Left: Earrings for my mother. Middle: Shell with silver paint for a necklace. Right: Earrings for my sister in Spain. Text in the golden hearts:"made with love"
 April 2th I organised (together with another friend) a hensparty for my friend Rosa who is married today. We decided to do a jewelry workshop. They used the same beads from www.beadies.nl Besides drawing and painting this is another addiction. They have lovely stores with big drawers full of beads You can make your own combinations, that's why I love it.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fashion header with illustration

 First sketch. Graphite on paper and Photoshop. 
Majdeline from  http://www.musicandfashionstyle.blogspot.com/ asked me to make a header for her brandnew website, wich will be online soon: www.muscandfashionstyle.nl She does a lot of things. She is a model, singer, vocal coach, fashionblogger who also writes for online media, besides that she is beautiful.
Color combination. (Beige, Pink, lightbrown)
At first I made a header with a figure with her photo 'as reference', like an interpetation of her. but I didn't realize that she wanted a realistic drawing of herself, so I made the illustration again, as you can see below.

Final Header. 
Graphite on paper and Photoshop.
For the hair I used an effect in Photoshop, called: screen. You can change the colors of sketchline this way. I used it also in another illustration 'Hatgirl' and I love this glowy effect.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New prints available in the shop

I have some new prints available in the shop: 
This month: Buy one print and get  one for free!
Beauty Box
 Little Shell
75,00 euro / 108 USD
Size: 29,7 x 42 cm / 11,7" x 16,5"
Media: Fine print on heavy weight paper.
Limited edition of 50 prints, signed and numbered.
* price is without frame and shippingcosts.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

FashionZen & Rainbow children illustration

Graphite on paper and backgroundcolor in Photoshop.

This is a sketch of the lovely fashionblogger Iris from FashionZen (also from Holland!). She used the top of this one as her header as you can see on her blog:www.fashionzen.blogspot.com

I made this a while ago but I didn't post it because I wanted to paint it or make a detailled illustration of it. I will do that if I have more time besides my illustrationjobs. For now, this is the sketchfase.
I really love her style because she really has a mix between cute and edgy, vintage and yes, I like that!

Rainbows. Graphite on paper. 
This is also a sketch from a while ago, because I wanted some more children illustrations. I made another illustration as you can see on my site: www.marjoleincaljouw.nl -->click editorial where I made a fantasy playground. It would be great if I could paint this in a children hospital.
Bunnyring. I've bought this cute ring at H&M. The bunny reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and I love that movie. Both old and new. Very happy with this.