Saturday, March 28, 2015

My artbooks

Some of my artbooks
I really love to have these beautiful books in my home.
 Reading the background story of other artists. Looking for new ways to apply illustrations. 
Learning from the process. To be honest I don't experience 'artist blocks' and I think... 
this is one of the reasons.

Street Sketchbook
As a teenager one of my big influences was graffiti and streetart. I used to live near the beach (in Vlissingen) and there was this large mural of an underwater world. Everytime I went to the boulevard I stared at it. A couple of years later I've met the artist who made it and he teached me how to use spraycans for the first time. Very grateful for that, because it teached me to have 'no fear' for big walls. If I never learned how to handle big surfaces, I would never be able to paint murals in stores, hotels or loungebars. Streetsketchbook is definitely one of my favorite books.

Kindling by James Jean

In 2009 James Jean was having a sign session in Brussels. I went there (was working on a big project in the meantime, put all my money in it) and I bought this book from my very last money, like...I didn't know if I could buy a ticket back to Netherlands. But it was worth it. :)

Tomer Hanuka in Juxtapoz

If you don't know Juxtapoz you should check the site, it's always up to date with the newest illustrations and mindblowing artwork. This spread is from Tomer Hanuka, love his scenes and colour combinations.

Edwina White in 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide

Personal styles
I always have been interested in different styles of illustration. People are using different media, textures. Love that. As an assistant editor of IllustrationAge I try to post those different type of illustrations.

Gordon Wiebe in Illustration Now

Tsang Kin-Wahn Graphic Alive

Graphic Alive
I've bought Graphic Alive because it's just full of ideas. Although there's a lot of graphic design, it shows that illustration can be applied in many ways.

Gustav Klimt by Taschen.

Gustav Klimt
In artschool we had an assignment to replicate an excisting painting, as a study. I chose Gustav Klimt, image on the left. I didn't know who he was (shame on me) but I realized later how influential this man was.

Hi Fructose

One day I received a package of a client with this Hi Fructose Limited edition book in it. 
It's so amazing!

That's me in Illustration Now, volume 5.

Illustration Now
I remember the day that I was looking in Illustration Now, hoping one day to be published in it. 
This is really special to me.


Love Mucha and what I think is interesting to see, with Mucha but also Gustav...Is that they painted very realistic at first, but as the years pass by, they developed their personal style which made them famous. 

Ron Mueck in Hi Fructose
Want to see this with my own eyes!

What's your favorite artbook?
Share it in the comments.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Process, businesscards, painting on leather

An old book full of experiments.

Red pencil on paper. Old sketch for a mural.


These last months I've been posting a lot more process pictures on my Instagram instead of my blog. It's just easier to share, people don't have to log in to comment, so it makes everything a lot quicker. Take a look here and join.

MT Washi tape from Japan. Mechanical pencil from Pilot. Elephant from Spain.
 New businesscards

When I changed my website from .nl to .com I really needed to order some new businesscards. 
Finally I could put my new logo on it. Did you know I started my business in july 2008 and I never could design my own logo? If you are making things for other people it seems a lot easier than making something so permanent for yourself. 
 Anyway, I'm very satisfied with it and I didn't want it earlier.

Painting on leather

My current project is quite interesting to me, because I'm going to paint a handmade Leica cover. 
I had to order leather paint from Angelus, they don't sell it in your ordinary art supply store.
My first impression is very good. I was a bit worried that the paint wasn't thin enough for this kind of surface, but as you can see, even thin lines are possible.
I'm making more video's on YouTube, so if you want to see me paint the Leica cover, come on over to the channel and subscribe. It will be online soon!


Alice in Wonderland

This is a sketch of Alice in Wonderland painting that I still have to tweak. 
I broke my hand while I was in Spain working on it and although I 'finished' it, I couldn't give it my all. Wearing plaster, working with a painful hand, it just wasn't right. So I'm going to look at it again and add those changes!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Dearest Deer painting + video

My Dearest Deer.
Acrylics, oil and gold paint on heavy paper.
14,7 x 21 cm / 5,51" x 8,27", 2015

Painting again
This painting is kind of special to me, because I started painting it while my (left) hand was still in plaster and I could finish it without it. I am so happy that I can use my hand again. I'm getting therapy 2 times a week to get my flexibility back. 
I thought I could never make a fist again, but right now I'm getting there 70%. It's very important for the improvement of fine motor skills and stability, so 5 times a day hand and wrist exercises are part of my daily schedule.

More video's

I will be posting more video's on my youtube channel.
Subscribe and follow my journey there!
If you have any questions or suggestions share it in the comments.

All my work in the last auction was sold. But there's another online auction coming up on may 15th. 
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Online Studio Sale & Auction with Copycat Violence TODAY!

Today at p.m. CST (23:00 in the Netherlands) there will be an online auction. 

Here's how it works: 
- Go to the Facebook page of Copycat violence. Click here to see all the art pieces available. 
- Browse through all the artwork of international artists.
- Bid on the piece you like.
- End time: March 10.