Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Featured on Juxtapoz

Last month I was featured on
Very happy with that!

Fashion Illustration Caitlin Power Kenton Magazine

27,5 x 27,5 cm / 10,63 x 10,63" Red pencil, graphite and ink on Arches hotpress watercolourpaper and Photoshop, 2013. 
Made for the contest: Draw a Dot.
Dresses by fashion designer: Caitlin Power
Alexander Liang, the Editor-in-Chief of KENTON Magazine has chosen 3 looks from Caitlin Power F/W 2013 collection.
I've chosen 2 dresses because they would fit better together. I always like to know the background story of the collection and when I heard about the architecture I could see that in the graphic lines Caitlin is using.

After watching 'behind the scene' video's, I came up with these keywords:
- Strong/ powerful/ fierce
- Bordeaux red, silver, black.
- Matt / shine / transparant.
- Gloves
- Graphic shapes
- Dark and edgy
- Paris and London Architecture
- Steam punk mixed with new romantic.

I sketched several poses because I was looking for a powerful pose that would show the front of the dresses and a little bit of their hairstyle.
I combined the graphic lines with the rounded shapes of the ladies. I used this before in other work, so it was nice to experiment a little more with that.
I like the gloves they are wearing, so I brought them to the front by making them black and I think it gives it more 'edge'. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

B . H . D E S I G N S | C O N C E P T F A S E

I am working on some bra designs and patterns for a new bra brand. It's still in the conceptfase but very exciting to see the development. I looked at a lot of natural shapes, little animals and vintage patterns from Morris.

This is the first sketch page of natural elements.
I'm going to mix and match them to a pattern/design. 
 Photoshop. I like the white outlines.
Here I'm working on my Wacom Cintiq.
The first fabric colors are going to be: red, black and white.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

GIVE AWAY: WIN a little painting / giclee print / phone hardcase

I have a GIVE AWAY on my Facebook.
1st prize: Original painting 'Bird Braid' + smartphone hardcase of your choice.
2nd prize: One giclee artprint 'Exhale' + smartphone hardcase of your choice.  

H O W   T O  E N T E R ?
1: Like Marjolein Caljouw & MrPhone
2: Like photo and share.
3: Comment
The winner will be selected randomly 14 May. 

Bird Braid. This is the little painting you can win on my Facebook.

 Red pencil on heavy paper.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anything ~ Little painting

Anything. Acrylics, ink and graphite on Arches hotpress watercolour paper.
12,70 x 17,78 cm / 5" x 7 " 2013.
Available: €100,- (around 131,- USD)

I wanted to make 5 little paintings and this is the last one of the serie with the theme "hair". I surprised me to see that I struggled with the one that I thought was going to be easy. And the one that started as a difficult one ended up nice and easy.
With Golden Fluid paint I don't need the white ink pencil anymore. Thin lines are possible now. 
In the picture that I used for reference I saw a little red insect inside of the flower and I thought that it would be nice if they walked out of the 'diagonal flower world' on the left top corner.  

I'm going to organize a little 'give away' soon,  so keep an eye on my Facebook page!

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There was one painting I just couldn't finish, because I tried too many times to sketch on top of layers of acrylic and the paint makes the surface too smooth for pencil and it has a plastic kind of feeling to it. So it's not possible to blend properly. So, I scribbled on it and it felt good. Normally I don't do that, but this was a never ending story and now I can leave it alone.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like a tattoo

 Like a tattoo.  Acrylics,ink and graphite on Arches hotpress watercolour paper.
12,70 x 17,78 cm / 5" x 7 " 2013.
Available: €100,- (around 131,- USD)
Sometimes it's hard to draw on top of acrylic paint, because the layers have plastic kind of surface. So if I make a lot of mistakes it's going to be much more difficult to fix it. But if I use thin layers it works. So the challenge is to get it right the first time...

I've painted this one twice because I didn't like the first version. (you can see that one on the right) I like the sketch though.

Daydream ~ Little painting

Acrylics, ink and graphite on Arches hotpress watercolour paper.
12,70 x 17,78 cm / 5" x 7 " 2013.
Available: €100,- (around 131,- USD)

Just like in my sketchbooks I tried to combine black thin lines on top of a coloured painting to give it more dimension.  
The flowers are drawn with a black ballpoint, the background is acrylics and the shadows are made with a mechanical pencil. I love the contrast of the sharp black lines against the soft acrylics.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Fall - Little painting -

Free Fall, acrylics, ink and graphite on Arches hotpress watercolour paper.
12,70 x 17,78 cm / 5" x 7 " 2013.
*This one is sold. But these are available for €100,-(around 131,- USD):

I wanted to make several little paintings at the same time, so I can switch between images and... I am loving it. Quicker results, experimenting with colours and shapes. Really discovering new ways to paint and I can use that for my bigger paintings on woodpanels. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Groupshow "We Are Bored" Amsterdam 5 april

I'm joining a groupshow "We Are Bored"
When: Opening friday 5 april, 18:00
Where: We Are Void Gallery, Ferdinand Bolstraat 1, Amsterdam.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Overload, little painting

 Overload. Acrylic, colourpencil and ink on Arches hotpress watercolour paper.
12,70 x 17,78cm/ 5" x 7", 2013.

I wasn't sure about the background, if I would make something in the front or light background details, but I think this is the best option.
I've drawn the cup with permanent marker and painted on top of it with Golden fluid acrylics and that worked surprisingly well, because it gave it a better sphere than the marker only. Lately I've been painting on top of ballpoint ink as well and I love the effect.
 If I would start over I think I would remove the cup because it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. But sometimes I just have to move on to the next piece, everything is a learning process.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interview DPI magazine Taiwan

 DPI magazine Taiwan. The cover is by
She has a cute blog so check it out!
It's always nice to see your work printed in a magazine,  but the asian font just made my day, wish I could write like that.
(Click image to read)

(Click image to read)
(Click image to read)
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Illustrated Iphone covers

MrPhone asked me to join their project: Illustrated Iphone covers.
I wanted to make some covers for a long time, so glad there are now some covers available. 

There are 4 type of covers for now:
- A basic cover
- A cover for Iphone 4S
- A cover for Iphone 5
- A cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Here are the illustrations I have chosen:
Polar Bear. €25,- / around $32,65. Available here: MR PHONE
Goldilocks Zone. €25,- / around $32,65. Available here: MR PHONE
Home Sweet Home. €25,- / around $32,65. Available here: MR PHONE
Fall Deep. €25,- / around $32,65. Available here: MR PHONE

It's also possible to ship international, if you have any questions email me: