Friday, May 23, 2014

'Emerge' illustration & feature Peaxs

Acrylics, oilpaint on Arches hotpress watercolourpaper.
14,9 x 21 cm / 5,51" x 8,27"
Available: €110,00 / $150,66
I started this painting a few months ago, but it was just a plain boring black and white pencil drawing. I decided to add a mix of colours just to practise.
Layer 1: pencil.
Layer 2: acrylics.
Layer 3: Oils. 

 This work  reminds me of Never Neverland because of the colours and the face between leaves and I would like to make a few variations of the same painting.

 I like the little white dots in her eyes, so this is something I'm going to take to the next one.
I'm featured on PEAXS! An inspirational platform for marketing people, event agencies but also for users who want to see some new locations, event specials or artists.  
Take a look:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

D.I.Y. whiteboard for ideas & sketches

I'm moving next month. I've been thinking about my new workspace for weeks now and how I can improve it. Just moving my boring old whiteboard with the ugly magnets wasn't an option.
So I upgraded it!

- Old whiteboard
- Magnets (maybe you have some ugly ones laying around)
- A sanding machine
- Gold effect: Schmincke pale gold powder with Amsterdam gel medium.
(Gold paint will do the trick too)
- Washi tape (bought it in Japan!)
- Window corners (hardware store got them. I also saw them at the artsupplies store.)

Do this:
1. Sand your frame.
2. Cut your washi tape and put it on each corner.
3. Glue the window corners on top.
4. Paint the top of your magnets.
5. Yeay, ready!

While I was surfing around I saw another cool idea for atelier / workspace / office.
You could paint a whole wall or furniture with whiteboard paint.