Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stretching watercolor paper on wood panel.

I hope that this will give you an idea on how to stretch watercolor paper if it's a big piece of paper.
If you make it wet it will have all these bubbles, but don't worry. If it's dry again you will have a very nice smooth surface.

Projecting my sketches onto wallpaper -little video-

Here's a little video about my wallpainting in progress. It's a little tiny video, just how I transfer my sketches onto big paper.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wallpainting in progress panel #5 and #6

Acrylics, goldpaint and colorpencil on Canson Figueras paper.
 Here my process on of the wallpainting which will be finished in a week from now. My last panels have more light parts, which I like. So I'm going to light up the other panels too. Give it the same values. 
Acrylics, goldpaint and colorpencil on Canson Figueras paper.
 Preview of panel #6. I just realize, there are a lot of beetles in my painting.
Acrylics on Canson Figueras paper.
Panel #6. A lot of artwork has butterflies so I wanted to paint moths, they are beautiful too with all the brown colours and a little bit more mysterious.
 I think will give a review on this later. What do you think? It's interesting to try new materials, so they can add something to the work.

Acrylics on Canson Figueras paper.
 This is a part of panel #6. Although I would love to add more details I have to move on to panel #7 and #8. Panel #9 is a half panel...

Painting with a deadline is like speedpainting. Every time I learn new things to speed up the process. The best way is work from the back to the front like a graffiti wall.
- Colour the background. Leave the pencilsketch parts a little bit open.
- Fill in your sketch with a middletone colour.
- Add some shadows
- Mix it with lighter colours
- Give it more outlines
- Finish up with higlights.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wallpainting in progress 4.

Acrylics on Canson Figueras paper.
The first layers. The spraycan with water makes it easy for me to blend the colors. I like the strokes of the paint though.  
Hedgehog in progress. Acrylics on Canson Figueras paper.
I always liked albino animals, so there are a few of them in the painting. Because I only have 3 days for each painting/panel it looks kind of rough, but it's important for me that I finish the whole wall completely before I will add more details. 

Twin Owls. Acrylic on Canson Figueras paper.
I already wanted to make a painting of the owltwins (see this post) so it was fun to paint them.
Now I'm moving on to panel 5 and 6. The values of the colors need to be the same everywhere, so I'm curious about how everything will look all together. In the first painting I used a lot of green but I love the beige, brown and orange colors to give it a vintage look. Maybe I have to take away a bit of the bright orange...

Keep an eye on the blog, I will post frequently.

Wallpainting, work in progress 3.

Above: Panel 1 en 2 acrylic on Canson Figueras paper. 
Down: Preparing other pannels by cutting them first. As you can see one roll of paper is allready finished, there is 10 meter on one roll. 
Acrylic on Canson Figueras paper.
 Hedgehog in a weird chair with ostrich legs.

Acrylic on Canson Figueras paper.
 Machinecrow.  As you can see I'm not finished yet. The sketchlines has to be removed.
Acrylic on Canson Figueras paper.
 Red flowers.  The main colors in the wallpainting are brown, beige, nude colors combined with bright red accents.
Acrylic and goldpaint on Canson Figueras paper.
Squirl with mask.
Here you can see how the goldpaint works out, I used it on little elements like the apples. I just love it. You only can see it from a few angles.