Monday, December 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

 Home Sweet Home. Acrylic, ballpoint ink, golden ink on Arches hotpress watercolour paper, 12,70 x 17,78cm/ 5" x 7", 2012.

 The golden ink shimmers if you look from a different angle.

This is one of my older sketches that I've changed.

This little painting is also for the Power In Numbers project of the Nucleus Gallery in L.A.
It will be soon online here:
$100,- / around €77,73
The other pieces "Fall Deep" and "Goldilocks Zone" are sold.
Resist is still available.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


 Acrylics, ballpoint, white ink and pencil on Arches hotpress watercolour paper. 12,70 x 17,78 cm / 5" x 7", 2012.

Process picture, pencil and blue pencil on Arches hotpress watercolour paper.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Goldilocks zone

12,70 x 17,78 cm / 5" x 7". Acrylics, pencil, golden, black and white ink on heavy Arches hotpress watercolourpaper.
I've made this small painting for the Power In Numbers Project of the Nucleus Gallery in L.A.
If you purchase a painting for $100,- you support the World Wildlife Fund.
 I sketched everything with a pencil and made the edges with a black ballpoint.
 Here you can see how the gold shimmers if the light shines on it.
 I made the white dots with a white ink pencil.

I am featured on the PARTY APP. So you can download it for free and have my artwork as your new background if you want.

Interview "United Colors of Benetton" and featured on "Size?"

I am featured on the Spanish blog of United Colors of Benetton. You can read the interview here:
I have the English version below. Many thanks to Aminta.

Today Im so excited about this feature... I want to introduce you the woman behind this ethereal illustrations, apparently a "normal" woman who loves shopping, her family a great concert or simply sit and observe everything and enjoy the sunset. With her sketchbook under her arms Marjolein Caljouw captures the women sensuality , vulnerability and sensitivity with a sexy and edgy side for her latest series. 

Caljouw finds inspiration on everything and everyone, but she admits to be more attracted to the "things"  closer to her, than a landscape : "I like the behaviour of people and animals" She said. On her sketchbook the illustrations just flow as the time goes, she explain this action as a "non-stop process" on the other hand when Marjolein is working on a project she makes a rough tiny version of it, a mood board and then she starts the big thing, all planned and organized. 

Another thing that impress me about this talented artist is her ability to paint in almost any surface, she has done amazing artwork on wood, canvas, metal, furniture or even cars she is not only a creative soul there is a lot of technique and practice behind her masterpieces. 

" My head is a chaos so I need to organize myself , I need a day planner to let my life flow like water" I admire her so much, there is a balance between the person and the artist, definitely a 28 years old woman with a clear vision of what she wants in life, and keep track of it on her diary. ( As I said before, she has time for everything). 

At last Marjolein answered with the first word that came to her mind..
  • With or whithout music? WITH
  • Day or night? Night! 
  • Planned or organic? Planned.
  • Food? Healthy stuff.
  • A place? The beach.
  • A flower? Peony 

Make sure to visit her site ( she will surprise you! ... Thank you Marjolein. 
And I'm featured here on the blog of Size?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall deep

Fall Deep
12,70 x 17,78 cm / 5" x 7", Acrylics, pencil, gold and ink on heavy Arches hotpress watercolour paper.
Close-up of the gold ink.

Gallery Nucleus from L.A. asked me to make some paintings for their special project:"Power in Numbers" So I'm making some little paintings and support the Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund and Unicef.
More coming soon...

Friday, October 26, 2012


 Graphite, acrylics, white ink, red colourpencil on Aquarelle Arches Hot pressed paper. Grain Satine 300 grams. 12 " x 16"

This is an illustration/ drawing for a client with a special memory.
When she was a little girl, she had a bottle of kisses next to her bed. When her parents asked her for a kiss, they had to look in the bottles with kisses...They could fly away and 'grow' in there.

I think it's a sweet story and I translated it into this image. It's a surrealistic little world inside of the bottle.

 I've made the white lines with a white ink pencil.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Figure drawing

Red pencil on Canson figueras paper. 18 cm x 2.40 cm.
I went to Dordrecht for some figure drawing. It felt really good to draw from a real-life model with some time pressure:  5 to 10 minutes poses.
 The model had a nice body and a lot of times it are men who pose, so I was lucky, because my paintings contain a lot of female figures at the moment. That said, I want to practise everything.
 I like to sketch very loose at first and sketch a little harder at the end.
 I loved this pose.

I have a lot of large paper rolls left and I wanted to use them, but unfortunately it's not very handy to move around. Tonight I'm going to another evening of portrait drawing!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Painting of fashionista Mayo Mellowness + Making of video

"Mellowness" Acrylic and oilpaint on woodpanel. 30 x 40 cm.
I've made a painting of Mayo Mellowness, I love her style, all the cute details she wears. She just had to painted! Here is her blog:
I've made a making of video with my new camera Canon 5D MK2. I'm going to make more video's of my new paintings.  I often get questions about my painting process and video's are a nice way to show that.
Hand close-up. The lines are drawn with a colourpencil.
Flower close-up. The white lines are drawn with a uni-ball SignoMitsubishi pencil. It's hard to find a nice white ink pencil.
 Layers and lines.
Little owl. In the video you can see that I'm making a necklace of this little owl. (0:46)
She always wears the prettiest dresses. Wish I had a wardrobe like that.  The rough strokes look a little bit like a light flares from a distance.
 Close-up of her shoes.

If you want to order a high quality giclee print, you can order here:
or order in my shop.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Care" sketch

"Care." Pencil, red pencil, acrylics and ink on Moleskine paper.
 If I'm going to paint this sketch, which I probably will, I want the blocks to be more transparent.
 The focus is more on the eyes than on her mouth now, but when I'm going to paint it the mouth is going to get that attention.
Ever since I was young I loved technical drawings, map and geometrical shapes. I'm going to combine it.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Never Neverland. New painting

Acrylics, oilpaint and ink on wood. 30 x 40 cm. 2012.
This painting is available as a print.
 I painted everyting in transparent layers. I like paintings with different textures.
 I added some thick paint to give some contrast to the painting.
 The white outlines of the leaves are made with ink.
Close-up of her mouth.

I drew everything with pencil and painted the first layers in black and white.