Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New pages for the Sketchbook Project

Finally! I made some pictures of my sketchbook pages...
It was hard to pick a nice day to make some photo's of my book outside. (for the best light)
The weather is very very cold.
 It's snowing / raining in the Netherlands... and it's getting dark allready at 16:00!
Viktor & Rolf. Fineliner, white colorpencil, acrylics, ballpoint on texture paper.

Last year i went to an exhibition of Viktor & Rolf and i love their designs and the concepts they have. I think they are magicians with clothes. When i saw a photo of them with the hats i wanted to use it.
 Couch. blue ballpoint, acrylic, blue pencil on texture paper.
One day i want a couch like this.
 Little shell. (Blue) pencil on paper, natural paper in the background.  My friend is getting married next year and while we were checking out some dresses i saw a very nice one. Short on the front and big layers in the back.
 Queen. Pencil, acrylic, goldpaint, red ballpoint on paper.
I found an old queen playcard and i thought that it would be interesting to draw the queen figure again but then in another way.
 Snowby. White marker, ballpoint.
I wanted to give here white eyelashes but i don't have a small fineliner for that. I think it doesn't excist.
Looking for that for a long time. So i changed her eyes and now they are freaky blue.

Tulle. Acrylic, (blue) pencil on paper. 
Sometimes i find strange animals on the internet. Like this little kittycat. It looks like he smashed his head against the wall. Still: Really cute.
Kittycat. Pencil and fiber on paper.

Stamps. Pencil, acrylic and poscamarker.

 Mouth. color pencil, white fineliner on paper.
I made little details with a white fineliner and i just love to make this page.
 Bunny. White fineliner, posca marker, pencil on postnotes.
I try new things so i can use it later if i want to make paintings in 2011.