Friday, February 13, 2015

12 ideas to keep sketches organized

Over the years I've sketched on so many papers, it's sometimes hard to find a nice place for it.
Especially large papers...Do you keep them under the bed, rolled up somewhere?
Ruined sketches, damaged paper, spilled coffee on your favorite work?

Here you can find 12 ideas to keep your sketches safe!




Current projects = quick access

If you are working on some projects for school or for an assignment, you need some quick access.
#1 and #2 are perfect for that, because you can put it on your desk. 
I would prefer #2 because of the difference in height, so you are able to read the labels quickly. 
If you want to hide your projects #3 would be nice. You could even take it with you. 



On the wall = overview

If you prefer to have a clean desk you can get a magazine/mail holder like #4 from Ikea 
(name: Kvissle). I like the idea of the clear plastic folders she used and labeling the holder.
The vintage clipboards #5 look cool and you can switch sketches easily and you have an overview of what you are doing. #6 Is such a nice idea don't you think? I love walls that look like moodboards.



Storage older sketches/illustrations

If you have a lot of different sizes, a carousel like #7 would be nice, 
especially for people who are working with different materials / making collages. 
If you can't find a round 'clip-it-up-carousel', you could also use clear folders and a small rail. 

We have all seen #8 in the stores or in the classroom.   
A big open shelf closet, where you can organize all your papers.   
'wish I had that at home!' is on your mind, but...this is hard to find. I've tried.
However, I saw a d.i.y. version here:  
#9 are those handy reading boxes that you can find anywhere and this is something I use as well. Labeling the folders makes it even better.

#10: #11: marcy penner #12:

Storage for BIG sketches and artwork
#10 is an open shelf made of Linnmon table tops from Ikea. Very smart idea. 
The tabletops are very cheap. 
#11 is a very big wooden box that you could fill with big clear folders. 
 #12, which is one of my favorite solutions for organizing my prints, 
my big sketches and moodboards! They are really affordable.

Which one is your favorite or are you already using one of those ideas?

Do you have another great idea?

Share it in the comments.