Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freestyle sketches

Pencil, colorpencil and acrylics on paper.
I'm using different materials in my sketchbook again. You can surprise yourself easier if you do whatever you want without thinking. 

Pencil, colorpencil and acrylics on paper.
This was for a wallpainting in Amsterdam.
 Pencil, colored pencil and ballpoint on paper.
Gemma Ward on the left. She has such a special beautiful face. Joris on the right at a sketchmeeting in the park in Utrecht. I'm thinking about modelsketching again because it's always the best thing to do!
Girl-stuff. Ballpoint on paper. I really want to paint on big canvasses soon, but i'm busy with 6 illustrations and a chair right now.


  1. I want to cry these sketches are so amazing! You have a wonderful imagination and it really shows in the unique quality of how you draw figures and imaginary creatures (floating heads?) Really love the image of Gemma.

    Make more!

  2. I wanted to know how to draw so hahahaha, very good very good Marjolein
    up next