Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Cocoon" painting

 Oil and white ink on wood. 
40 x 50 cm. 

The model had a little gap between her teeth. I think that looks kind of cute.
Close-up of the branches.
This took me some time to paint. Because I drew everything directly on the woodpanel. It's easier the work from the back to the front but I painted the back,  painted the branches, painted the back again, painted the branches again. And oilpaint takes a few days to dry....So I'm using acrylics for the first layers of my next paintings.
 I don't like to wear red. I don't like it in my house. But somehow I like it in my paintings.
 I saw a picture of a moth with a skull on the back of the body. I thought it was nice to add this to the painting.

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