Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 recap.

I always like to take a little look back at the last 12 months at the end of the year.  I'm kind of surprised... yes I am. The variety of projects, the amount of illustrations, I thought that it wasn't that much. I am so thankful for all the upportunities I've got. I also really enjoyed all the comments, questions...more than 330 people joined last year, whether it's on my blog, Facebook, Twitter etc. and I think that's great.

Here's a summary of 2011:
I've painted  2 objects, a Gerrit Rietveld Chair (didn't post the pictures yet) and a bracelet. I've made several dessins for Oilily, did some business illustrations, made 2 weddingcards and a weddinglogo, of course some fashion illustrations and fashion headers, a fashion invitation, 2 bookcovers from Jay Swanson (still working on the second one). And made 2 handpainted wallpaper as you may know, one for Ludwig II in Amsterdam (I also made the logo) and the another wallpainting for the creative director of ID&T and his wife.

Personal projects:
I've also worked on personal projects, like I've joined the sketchbookproject with 30 sketches and collage, I made a promotional calendar, did some feminine illustrations and made 3 paintings (big, middle and small size)

Other nice stuff:
I did some interviews, sold prints, was featured on the Bjorn Borg site, Juxtapoz and several other sites,  published in Jackie and Publish and joined Shop Around (Agency). What is also very exciting is that I've joined as an assistant editor. Oh... and I changed my website design:

What's unforgettable is that I met James Jean (again ^-^ ), the artdirector of Pixar and Viktor and Rolf. These are incredible creative and inspire me to work harder, better, faster, stronger!

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  1. You've had quite a year - and things are only going to get better for you. Looking forward to what you do in 2012.