Thursday, May 12, 2011

Go check out my NEW website!

I made my website with CargoCollective. I really recommend this online designing program especially for creative people who want to show their portfolio in an easy way. I can't tell you how happy I am with this new website. 

Here's why:
  • Just by one click you'll see all my work together on one page. There will be no longer a long scrollbar.
  • Easy navigation. Personally, I don't like to wait for images to load.
  • My contact has a seperated from my artwork by a button on top. So much better than a list of words where people have to search for my contact. 
  • It's very easy to update on Cargo Collective. They make a thumbnail for you and you can also select the time and year when you made your artwork.
  • By clicking on the tag under a photo, for example: "fashion illustration" you will get all those images. If you want to see all, you click 'view all'.
  • Videos can be uploaded easy. I love the way how everything moves when you click on one image. Wordpress had always trouble with this.
When you click on an image the other images move. This is the final cover for Jay Swanson. I changed little things like the eyes and the colors to give it more depth! 

Here is another website by my fellow illustrator Mijke Coebergh from Rotterdam. I really like her style. She has another template.


  1. Yes! Finally I can get a better over-all view of your art work on ONE place, instead of having to scroll through the blog (which I'll still do some times, but now you can do it easier :D)


  2. The new website layout looks absolutely great. Thanks for you nice comment on my Blog. I really like your work! :)

    Greetings and a wonderful weekend,

  3. Haha wat toevallig! :) lief dat je mijn blog hebt bekeken, jouw blog + illustraties/schilderingen inspireren me echt enorm! echt respect voor je werk.


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  5. So beaultiful *-* Love your work
    Hey, which computer program you use in your ilustrations ?


  6. ik ga er ook zo eentje fixen, maar waar kan je je aanmelden op die website, kan het nergens vinden?! Die expo was geen beoordeling, ik wilde een expo om het project te laten zien waar ik tijdens mijn uitwisseling aan gewerkt had :)

  7. Amaizing works <3

    xoxo C.

  8. Her name is Alana Ruas. Here is her blog( and her lookbook( Thanks for answering me


  9. among the 10 best sites of artists that I follow!

  10. Your website absolutely looks glamorous in aesthetical and technical aspects. I love how your developer coordinates every essential thing in a single page. That’s why it is truly functional. I really enjoyed browsing it!

  11. I love your work! They really look fantastic, especially the “Travels” gallery. :’) Your site design was very neat, all your work was organized according to theme. With all your amazing illustrations, I am sure a lot of people will keep visiting your website! :)

  12. Your website looks fantastic, Marjolein! I visited it, and I like the idea of keeping it simple. Your current template is almost the same with your previous one. You did great on choosing the font for your name too. I hope that you'd stick to it because it's very unique which will serve as your trademark to your customers.