Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Comme des Leroi illustration Illustration from PUPUPINVIDEO | DSLR-Filmmaker on Vimeo.

I made an illustration of lifestyle/ fashionblogger Leroy Aznam.
He had a nice picture of an air balloon on his site. I wanted to use this in the illustration because it's a beautiful object in the first place and it symbolises freedom. Because Leroy is a multitasker I drew a wajang doll (because he has indonesian roots) in the background with many arms. Because Leroy loves design I thought it would be nice to combine old art with graphic elements, like the dotlines and the bright colors. 
Graphite on heavy weight paper. 42 cm x 29,7 cm / 16,5" x 11,7" 
In the clean sketch I drew him twice but removed him later, because I thought it was stronger with one figure instead of two. 
Graphite and Photoshop. 42 cm x 29,7 cm / 16,5" x 11,7"
Final illustration


  1. yeah, amazing!!
    incredible illustrations.

  2. It takes talent to preserve the quality of a drawing beneath a finished painting - you have done that with magnificent success. I can just stare at this image all day.

  3. Ja, ik ben ook weer onder de indruk. Wat een inhoud en diepgang en ontzettend mooi uitgewerkt.

  4. I discover your blog right now and I'm totally in love with it! Your illustrations are AMAZING!

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