Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feature in Publish Magazine April Issue

Marjolein Caljouw | Feature Publish Magazine April 2011 from PUPUPINVIDEO | DSLR-Filmmaker on Vimeo.
I was featured in the April issue of Publish magazine. Because it's a magazine for digital creatives this is an honour for me! A short film about my feature: made my Roland Pupupin.


  1. yayy panama lovebirds!!! kongrats marjo

  2. Cool! I see why this is such an honor, but I'm not surpriced that you're futured. Your art is amazing and definetely worth being featured in a magazine like Publish<3


  3. Congrats!
    I really like your work!


  4. WOw!! congrats.... you are a wonderful artist!! Im so happy for you :D Keep inspiring us ....

  5. marjo i finished school in june(last year xD, i need to refresh you). i took 2 months of vacation and then i found job on a printer or press or printing office?(i dont know the word in english) not designing but i recieve all the designs from the ad agencies and check them(that means, fight with the art, fix the colors to get a better quality, its unbelievable all the things u have to do to get the a nice print, but its ok now i know that the job =)..) besides that im waiting for May cause i finally going to drawing classes xD YAYYY im thinking about take watercolour or acrylic classes. ok i have to much to tell you but i prefer skype .... HEYYY i WANT A COPY FROM THE MAGAZINE i can sent you the money throught moneygram its super safe(i have sent money to costa rica, argentina and malasya xD) xox

  6. marjo i sent a hugeeeeeeeeeeee message to your facebook inbox xD ...Lesley