Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fashion header with illustration

 First sketch. Graphite on paper and Photoshop. 
Majdeline from asked me to make a header for her brandnew website, wich will be online soon: She does a lot of things. She is a model, singer, vocal coach, fashionblogger who also writes for online media, besides that she is beautiful.
Color combination. (Beige, Pink, lightbrown)
At first I made a header with a figure with her photo 'as reference', like an interpetation of her. but I didn't realize that she wanted a realistic drawing of herself, so I made the illustration again, as you can see below.

Final Header. 
Graphite on paper and Photoshop.
For the hair I used an effect in Photoshop, called: screen. You can change the colors of sketchline this way. I used it also in another illustration 'Hatgirl' and I love this glowy effect.


  1. i love the header :) i wish i could have similar header :)

  2. Hi,
    I love U works. It's amaizing experience.
    You inspire me.

    xoxo C.

  3. Wow!! As always.. AMAZING!! I love , love, looooove <3 your illustrations

  4. Gorgeos! I have actually been thinking about asking you the same thing. If you would be interested in making a header for my blog, and you would get all the credit (of course!!)?
    Your art work are amazing, and I'm obsessed!<3

    ps. thank you for commencting on my blog ^^