Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fingertips, painting

 Pencil, gold ink, acrylics, oilpaint on heavy watercolourpaper.
14,7 x 21 cm / 5,51" x 8,27"
Available at my online store. 

I noticed that I collect a lot of pictures of poses where you can't see everything of the face. Sometimes a pose or hands will tell enough. When a person shows the inside of their wrists, they are more 'open' to the other person. However her body language is closed and vulnerable. 
The girl on this picture is a girl on Instagram, called Lauren Isabeau, which has some beautiful elegant pictures.

Often time people ask me why I'm drawing with red. The pencil is a little harder to erase and it smudges a little less than the regular pencils. 

This painting is also available in my new online store. 

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