Thursday, August 2, 2012

ESPRIT painting #2 Gent, Belgium

 ESPRIT Gent #2. Acrylics, oilpaint and Posca-marker on canvas, 170 x 170 cm, 66,9" x 66,9", 2012.
This is the second painting I made for the ESPRIT store in Gent. It's going to hang in a big wallcloset next to the escalators.  I wanted to give everything a sweet, comfortable feeling with loose lines and transparent butterflies.
 Close-up. Acrylics and oilpaint  on canvas.
I worked with a lot of thin  Liquitex acrylic paint layers. It gives everything more depth I think.
 Close-up. Acrylics, oilpaint and Posca-marker on canvas.
I just wanted to give it a graphic touch by putting some graphic straight lines here and there.

 Close-up. Acrylics and oilpaint on canvas.
On top of the acrylic paint I smoothen everything out with oilpaint. I only did this with the first 2 paintings because it dries quicker and I freestyled the sketch right onto the canvas. So if I wanted to change things I could do that easily. 
Close-up. Acrylics and oilpaint on canvas.
The white outline are drawn with a posca marker. 

Here you can see a little bit of the process of ESPRIT #2.
This painting was a real challenge, because I had chosen for a light brown/beige background colour and little flowers, but it just didn't look how I wanted it to be. It wasn't as fresh as the first one, so I decided to change almost everything! They say "sometimes you have to kill your darlings" but this wasn't my all.

I changed the background with a minty green colour, but it was still too strong compared to the colours of the ESPRIT store in Gent, so it lighter again.