Sunday, May 13, 2012

First painting for Esprit, Gent, Belgium.

ESPRIT asked me to make 3 paintings for the ESPRIT store in Gent, Belgium.
They made a beautiful store concept which is totally different than how the store looked before.
It gives you a livingroom feeling with a lot of natural elements.  I brought the pastel and natural colours back into the paintings.
 After I gave the background a minty green and soft nude colour, I sketched my design with some colourpencils. I save the background colours in transparent boxes that I can close afterwards, so it's easy to use it again.
The painting is 1.70 x 1.70 cm / 5,57 feet.

After I painted the first layers with acrylic paint, I paint with oilpaint to smoothen everything out, and give it more depth. I love oilpaint, since it stays wet much longer, so you can add more details to the painting.
Close-up.  I like it when there's a little contrast in the painting of soft shapes and hard lines like I did here with the posca marker.
 Close-up. Some parts are a little more rough, not so smooth and silky.

First painting for Esprit, finished.


  1. WOW!!! You soooooooooo talented!!! I'm amazed by your talent!! Well done! PERFECT painting!!!!

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    Evi xoxo

    1. Well I wouldn't say perfect, because that would take much more time, but thank you! ^-^

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    1. Thank you :) I checked your blog.

  3. Hoi Marjolein,

    Wat ziet dat er mooi uit! Als ik in Gent ben dan ga ik zeker even kijken!

  4. wow wow! just beautiful! i could only dream of ever being this talented! now following!

  5. it's lovely!!!!!

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