Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wallpainting in progress panel #5 and #6

Acrylics, goldpaint and colorpencil on Canson Figueras paper.
 Here my process on of the wallpainting which will be finished in a week from now. My last panels have more light parts, which I like. So I'm going to light up the other panels too. Give it the same values. 
Acrylics, goldpaint and colorpencil on Canson Figueras paper.
 Preview of panel #6. I just realize, there are a lot of beetles in my painting.
Acrylics on Canson Figueras paper.
Panel #6. A lot of artwork has butterflies so I wanted to paint moths, they are beautiful too with all the brown colours and a little bit more mysterious.
 I think will give a review on this later. What do you think? It's interesting to try new materials, so they can add something to the work.

Acrylics on Canson Figueras paper.
 This is a part of panel #6. Although I would love to add more details I have to move on to panel #7 and #8. Panel #9 is a half panel...

Painting with a deadline is like speedpainting. Every time I learn new things to speed up the process. The best way is work from the back to the front like a graffiti wall.
- Colour the background. Leave the pencilsketch parts a little bit open.
- Fill in your sketch with a middletone colour.
- Add some shadows
- Mix it with lighter colours
- Give it more outlines
- Finish up with higlights.


  1. Just so good! I love that you eleborate on your process and give hints/tips, no one does that! It's such a help! x

  2. A-ma-zing! Really stunning! Can I watch it somewhere when it's finished?
    By the way, thanks for your comment about the naked palette ;) Cool that you're a fan as well!

  3. Your wall paintings blow me away. I don't know how you preserve the delicate, precious quality of your art on such a huge scale - but you do! Would love to see these in person some day.