Monday, June 20, 2011

Wallpainting process

My new equipment: 
Spraycan: Just for water to make the paper wet.
Luiqitex Basics: acrylic paint for the first layers. 
Patino: Medium to slow down the dryingprocess of the acrylic paint. I'm not sure if this is a nice medium. Normally I use Retarder from Amsterdam. 
Varnish: I've got a really matte varnish because I don't want it to shine except for little parts on the gold paint that's why I also bought a little bottle of high gloss varnish.
Pablo vs. Luminance Caran D'ache
There are different versions of Caran D'ache color pencils. I've tested the Pablo colorpencils, these are regular and the new Luminance. The Luminance remind me of pastel colors, very soft and easy to blend or erase with the hand...But for me, it's not what I need right now. So I chose the Pablo Caran D'ache the point is sharper as you can see when I write. I want to have a sharp point and no blending.

Projecting on woodpanels
The Canson paper needs to be stretched onto large woodpanels. So when I'm painting on it, the paper stays flat. It are very heavy panels, but necessary. I projected my sketches onto the wallpaper with a beamer because I have a tight deadline and this is a quicker way to blow up a sketch. Normally I would freestyle. 
I was kind of dissapointed about the sharpness of the beamer. If you project 1 meter of 2, it's very sharp. But if you  move further away from your target if will fade easily. Here you can see how it looks like, so I still have to retouch everything and add a lot of details.


  1. Oooh I'm really excited to see how these turn out. I love your style and think this is an awesome project. =) Good luck!

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  3. A very skilled left hand there. The work reminds me of the paintings of the Austrian Art Nouveau artist, Gustav Klimt, like this one called Expectation, Most popular Artists , that I saw at, after reading the previous comment.