Sunday, March 27, 2011

Invitation with illustration for fashionshow in Qatar

First thumbnail sketches. Graphite and felt tip on paper. 21,0 x 29,7 cm. 
A friend who lives in Qatar asked me to make an invitation for a fashionshow in Qatar with Dior, Love Moschino, Fornarina etc. First, I wanted to have a girl with casual clothes, but it it didn't felt right, so I changed the outfit. The combination of the man and the child in the middle looked like a 'boring family', so I changed the composition as you can see on the right.

I love the maxi dresses from the D&G woman fashion show summer 2011, so inspired by that I made the dress.

Graphite on paper. 3 cm x 5 cm.
This is a really rough sketch, as you can see. It's actually a little thumbnail sketch, but i've made it bigger. 
 Moschino platform sandals.
I chose these cute heels, because I needed some reference for the girl. 

Clean sketch, graphite on heavy paper. 29,7 x 42 cm. 
The woman is getting the most attention now and I like the way the little girl is looking behind the dress. The wind is blowing off the roses of the dress, so that gives it a little bit of fantasy.
 Graphite on heavy paper and Photoshop. First color combination. 
Graphite and Photoshop. 
Second color combination. I really love it when everything has similar colors, combined with one color that really stands out. 

I needed a nice artcase that I can carry around with me, because I do that everyday.  Then I realised that my friend ( me a very very supercute iron case a LONG time ago. It was always a decorative thing in my room but i've put the shoe stuff out and now it's ready to be my cute artbox!
My favorite art supplies inside my artcase: 
#1: Mechanical pencils. I have 2 from Graphgear 1000 Pentel, I love them. 
#2: Pentel refills, 2B is my favorite. And refills from steadler! They come in different colors and I just want to buy every color now because they are so nice! (watch out: they break easily)
#3: Caran d'Ache 4B 7B 9B for shadows.
#4 Eraser. Right on the top I have a little heartshaped box where I keep my eraser safe. Because it's a sticky one (like clay). If you know the english word, please tell me!
#5: Smudgetool. I just love this tool because you can make very nice shadows with this! It's made of a roll of paper. I've put some tape around it otherwise my eraser is sticking to it.
#6: Ballpoints  in other colors, like red and pink because it gives nice effects to change from time to time. For my black ballpoints Bic is really nice.
#7: Black fineliner from On the run, 0,9, waterproof. It's good to fill larger spaces that needs to be really black and combine it with other material.


  1. i used to keep that eraser in a heartshaped box tooxD i dont know the name in english but in Panama we call it Limpia-Tipo(i dont really understand that word yet :S)&(there's always a moment that i like to make tiny sculpture with it xD)

    greets marjo mar

  2. It's called putty rubber! I don't ever use normal erasers anymore since I started using putty rubber.

    Really nice invitation! Thanks for showing your process it looks really nice.

  3. beautiful invitation!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by =D I'm in love with your artwork... I can't take my eyes off it! so awesome ^_^

  5. so beautiful! another great artwork!!

  6. wauw! wat ben jij een leuke meid! en een onzettende goeie artiest! ga zo door!
    ik ben je follower geworden want ik zoek altijd nieuwe artiesten. ik ga je op mijn blog zetten!

  7. WOW again!! Im a follower for sure... I can´t miss your work. PERFECT!!