Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cupcakes. So sweet it hurts!

Logo designs for cupcake company
Made in Illustrator. Really loved it. Which one do you prefer?

Very cute websites about cupcakes, if you want to see more:
Pie left under:
Rose and cookies right under:

I've got some lipgloss from my friend. The one under, on the right. Buy here:


  1. they look really sweet and yummy , but for a logo shouldnt be simpler?, i would like to see
    the circle, inside a cupcake but instead the cream i would put the 2 B's, (fits cool in my mind xD) good luck marjo mar :P


  2. I like the top right one. The brown to me makes it seem more homemade-like which are the best type of cupcakes! But really all the logos look good haha.

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