Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fashion girls & 50 + Event

Pencil on paper.
I made these sketches for wooden bracelets but i could also use it for clothes, like a t-shirt design. I have so many ideas to work out, but i work on several projects now.

Last year Roland Pupupin, photographer, and i made a book: "Kleine Dingen Met Liefde Doen".
It means doing small things with lots of love. The book shows how i made a 328 feet wallpainting in a nursing home in Amersfoort. Roland made lots of portraits of the old people and of the making of.
If you want to order the book, just contact me. info@marjoleincaljouw.nl


  1. Beautifil pics and sketches,specially the bird into hair!


  2. 328 feet of wall painting! When do you sleep? Your pencil work is really amazing. Don't put down that pencil.

  3. i really like the pattern. how big is that page, work with details like that?