Saturday, July 17, 2010

Published in Playboy magazine.

Publication in July August Issue of Playboy Magazine.
I'm very happy to see the result. This is deffinately a motivation to do more for the magazine industry.

The article is about downdating and how people often think that the carreer woman will have more power in the relationship if she dates with lower-educated men. I thought this was a very interesting article! I wanted to show different type of man in a icebox because now the woman can choose whoever she wants and get a little taste of it. You'll see a gardner, a trashman and a windowcleaner in the box. The woman picked up the constructionworker that refers to the title.


  1. Het is persoonlijk werk, ben nu bezig met een derde overpowered-girl-toy. :D

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  3. hello michelle your drawing are fantastic =], better than the other.

    ahh and responding to feedback, is a fox in the child's hand, is a personal work, to test my knowledge, but of course have a lot to improve and train, but thanks for comment.

    have a great week

    and sorry for my bad english rs

  4. ziet er slick uit pik, ook goed dat ze de kop in een bijpassende tint hebben gedaan, wat doe je vrijdag? x